The _ of practice of the daily life of a family that the practice _ of chicken of dry white tomato does white tomato chicken how to do _ to do white tomato chicken too Han of father’s younger brother [heart cookbook]

Brief introduction
Somebody comes eat in the home eat and drink when drinking, the speed that this dish is solved is dizzy cannot block. Just often carry, a few people were lifted cup wished wine, had not entered state, this dish announces be killed in battle is in the wild mix random dip of everybody basically. . . Even if dot of 34 years old, big also mouth is big ground and move rice eats, this is the one act that the person that cook loves to look most, he must not eat is next this dish learns ~ easily simply, since used white wine, rose to it so a little bit more Orphean name—-“Do white tomato chicken “


Drumstick flesh, TomatoTwo, OnionHalf, White wineTwo cups, FlourA few, salt, PepperyA few, HoneyOne spoon, Gallinaceous essenceOne spoon, Bay leafChild, SaladOily one spoon


Chicken is cut proper piece, spill salt, peppery, flour, a little agitate, bloat the simmer in water in boiler is put to two sides after be soiled is controlled 5 minutes golden, put the alcohol such as white wine to volatilize next the cap on rear cover boils 10 minutes.

Remove a boiler additionally to fry onion powder, the tomato that the skin added after onion turns a maltose into color piece, add touch salt and peppery stew ketchup.

After waiting for chicken to boil 10 minutes, join the ketchup etc condiment of 2, go at the same time Shang Shui’s foam is boiled at the same time, probably 10 minutes, when boiler can go out when chicken is loose.

Small hang

Match finally a few fry green vegetables, I put those who use the drumstick stay of proceedings that butter fries and small tomato this to distribute food.

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