Why is constant draft fruit still short of the world of vitamin C_ cate

Why is constant draft fruit still short of vitamin C

2012-02-07 11:53:06

Mention vitamin C, a lot of friends think of a fruit in spite of oneself, even somebody thinks, want to often eat a fruit only, won’t lack vitamin C, actually this kind of view is one-sided. The some in the fruit contains rich vitamin C, the content of some vitamin C is very few however. The data makes clear, yangtao, bright jujube, strawberry, loquat, orange, tangerine, persimmon contain rich vitamin C. With 100 grams the content of fruity vitamin C is calculated, yangtao contains 420 milligram, bright jujube contains 380 milligram, strawberry contains 80 milligram, orange contains 49 milligram, loquat contains 36 milligram, tangerine, persimmon contains 30 milligram each. Banana, peach contains 10 milligram each, grape, fig, apple has 5 milligram only severally, pear contains 4 milligram only.

According to determining, grow up one day to need C of 60 milligram vitamin, if want to be absorbed from inside the fruit with vitamin C very few content, criterion fig needs 25, pear needs 14, the grape needs 1.5 kilograms or so. Accordingly, eat the fruit with little content of 9 vitamins C only, do not have what help actually. But, if be to contain the yangtao with vitamin taller C, orange or persimmon, a day 9 enough. If be bright jujube or strawberry, want 56 only, can absorb needs vitamin C. So, want to complement enough vitamin C, answer to choose somewhat when draft fruit.

Additional, still a few elements are affecting the content of C of the vitamin in the fruit. For instance, a few fruits reach insolation to prevent insect pest, growing wrap up of commonly used paper bag rises in the process, the result causes vitamin C content to decrease; Summertime fruit bumper harvest, deposit at refrigeratory, when selling in the winter, content of fruity vitamin C also can decrease; Contemporary family has freezer commonly, a lot of people like to buy a large number of fruits to be put. But the time that the fruit deposits is longer, vitamin C loss is more.

Be worth what carry is, although a few people ate a lot of fruits that contain a lot ofvitamin C, but the abuse of smoke having be addicted to, because smoke but the absorption of block up human body to vitamin C, the nicotine in tobacco still has to vitamin C destroy effect, accordingly, lack vitamin C easily also; Be engaged in the person of intense campaign or hard physical labor, because perspiration also is met the vitamin C with many loss; Still a few diseases and medicaments also can affect the absorption of vitamin C. So, the fruit cannot regard the only of C of human body vitamin as origin, should add when necessary take vitamin C pill.

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