Tell you the world of usage _ cate of field mint

Tell you the usage of field mint

2012-02-07 12:16:52

Thin lotus opens butterfly wing to break up, wind branch shows Xie Longqiu to beautiful. Self-pity not as good as dot of racoon dog slave, blotto hedge edge does not spend money. ” see field mint have what magical effect. Field mint scent is full-bodied, cool and refreshing raid a person, suffer people to love all the time. Its smell is sweet avirulent, ” repair a book on Chinese medicine newly ” will rank dish ministry, say ” Yi Kansheng is fed ” . A lot of present clear pharynx also contain field mint mostly in the medicaments of wet one’s whistle or food.

Laborious of field mint sex, cool, put in classics of lung, liver ‘s charge. ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” : “Diverge of field mint Xinneng, cool can clear advantage, come loose at disappear wind only hot. ” the effect of field mint namely Jie Yu of pharynx and larynx of scattered wind heat, clear head, benefit, scanty liver, clinical go up to basically apply at the following 3 respects:

Heat up the show that has to all can wind heats up illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body at the beginning of heat of wind of diseases caused by external factors of illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body and lukewarm disease with Yu Feng, basically have calorific, small evil cold, do not have sweat or have sweat not free, have a headache, float of painful, arteries and veins counts thirsty pharynx etc. Field mint laborious is cool and can come loose fully watch evil, clear induce sweat is hot, reason application heats up illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body at wind. Although be tasted coolly for laborious this tasting, like that the force that its come loose fully is more powerful, have certain sudoriferous effect, reason heats up illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body not to have sweat to wind or have sweat not free person particularly appropriate. ” the ginseng in medical heart records on the west ” the cloud: “Take can send cool sweat fully, want drug for what sweat of lukewarm ill appropriate solves.

Announce of field mint light raise comes loose, distant watch comes loose unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, aid rash to be sent fully. Can use at the beginning of hives again, or outside wind heat bundle flesh watch rash is sent not free person,

With the upside that at woman’s head-ornaments facial features facial features of all disease woman’s head-ornaments belong to human body, wind sex light raise goes up, the evil of wind heat or chill all go up easily attack woman’s head-ornaments, if have a headache,appear, tears of eye bare gall, n&v snuffle shedding, toothache, pharynx is painful wait for a symptom. Field mint light raise raises surplus, but clear head, benefit pharynx and larynx. Bright Li Shizhen ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in field mint a paragraph in say: “Does reason have a headache, eye of head wind, eye, guttural, enunciation all disease? ? To want drug. ” attack on wind heat bring about have a headache when card, field mint often matchs chrysanthemum, Bai Zhi to treat have a headache; wind is heated up or attack on hot evil, can send pharynx and larynx aching, cracked etc, field mint is treat pharynx painful commonly used medicine, can match the root of balloonflower, licorice to be equal to come loose with laborious of; mint scent but announce opens nose hole, if treat nasosinusitis, shed yellow chaotic tears, n&v snuffle to be illogical can be equal with the achene of Siberian coklebur, Xin Yi, Bai Zhi with.

Use at liver of card of liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy advocate sparse release, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain should amount to free from worry. If because of affection annals fails, or due to illness harrass of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, stem liver arteries and veins, cause diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain to break Yu Shu discharge, amount to, can appear card of sluggish of gloomy of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain. Clinical expression bilges like pectoral coerce annals of full ache, affection is depressed, be apt to heaves a deep sigh (editor’s note: Expression is constant sigh, sigh hind has) of free from worry feeling, or feeling of eyewinker of ministry seeing pharynx, there still can be a breast to bilge in the woman painful, menstruation is not moved, the expression such as dysmenorrhoea. Field mint can be scanty liver solves gloomy, can use at treating disease of liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy. ” a book on Chinese medicine makes up newly ” : “Field mint, not only evil of wind of solution of be apt to, you Shan solves gloomy. ” light card mint but Shu Jiyu sluggish, the person that weigh assists the root of Chinese thorowax to wait to taste and be built more result.

In addition, taste balmy monarch originally dirty, usable still rule summer feeling suffer from heatstroke is wet the gas of dirty chaotic, acute diseases such as cholera and sunstroke of be caused by bilges, the card such as bellyacke, vomiting and diarrhoea,

Besides to be taken orally, can field mint external use, use at furuncle of summertime prickly heat, mosquito bite, sore to wait, after using cool and refreshing and comfortable. Field mint often still is used at dish, cake and beverage to make, taste commonly usedly for dietotherapy. Zan Yan ” lens of the heart that feed medical service ” the cloud: “Wine of Shang Nuan of Chi of field mint decoct and drink, decoct tea is unripe feed, and appropriate. Of leaf mustard beneficial person also. ” latter-day the scent that still gets with distill of classics of bright mint bine is oily, prescription says more ” field mint is put on the ice ” or ” field mint frost ” , function and mint are approximate.

Returning those who need an attention is, laborious of field mint scent comes loose, have certain sudoriferous effect, multi-purpose easy bad news is angry, much sweat of reason body empty person, unfavorable use.

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