Tell you the world of cate of _ of the optimal time that drink water

Tell you the optimal time that drink water

2012-02-07 12:22:57

Thirsty wanting to drink water is natural physiology reaction, but, modern often forgot to want to drink water in business.

Of water at the body, as oxygen, sunlight kind important! Drink water to the body, it is the one and only way of the prolong life; Drink water to the body, it is bright beautiful cutaneous is basic principle. For health, for beauty, which can drink water?

Tell you the optimal time that drink water

Take the office early in the morning everyday, the first movement opens the computer namely, next one buttock sits down, two staring at screen, sit several hours, remember water drinking far from, somebody is as long as one day the working hours of 8~10 hour, do not drink even 2 cups of water, falling ill only the problem that see a doctor or uric acerbity on the high side appeared some in checkup, the doctor just has an opportunity to warn you eventually: “Ordinary water is drunk too little! “Ordinary water is drunk too little!!

Not thirsty, also want to drink water

Life organization is comprised by the cell, cell not simply interior contains a large number of moisture content, cellular film is exterior also surround for liquid place, water is very so important to cellular activity.

Because water is best dissolvent, corporeal dissolve after water, chemistry just undertakes easily. The water in the cell also has slight solution to leave degree, can solve from for H+ and OH- , the H+ in solution and size of OH- pH indicator, can decide its acid-base value, affect the action of the ferment inside the cell consequently.

If the cell often can maintain with ” good water ” current metabolization, will greatly the active of aggrandizement cell, the ability that eliminates virus contaminant and enhance immune power; If maintain the whack of genetic gene DNA in the cell, with respect to unapt go to the bad. Seeing good water is to maintain organism organ, cell to stabilize best syntonic and resonant carrier normally truly.

The part of water also scavengers like human body, participate in metabolism and eduction trash. Water is drunk insufficiently, the metabolization action of the body will be sluggish not smooth, trash accumulates put oneself in another’s position inside, can cause the problem such as constipation, stone, also let person mind become easy and difference, tired.

So, drink the way that water is health care of very good preserve one’s health correctly, although do not feel thirsty, still want to drink.

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