What food can affect the world of cate of _ of color of skin

What food can affect color of skin

2012-02-07 12:29:26

The person’s color of skin is decided by the congenital element such as phyletic, heredity, with blood capillary distributing, of pigment how many, closely related hypodermic and adipose Baohou. The color of skin of normal person should be ruddy and of luster. Besides the disease such as anaemic, hepatitis, food is undeserved the color of skin that also can affect a person.

What food can affect color of skin

Tide is red— facial tide is red much by drink cause. Although alcohol concentration is not high, drink volume also can happen not quite. Divide facial outside, still can delay to cervical, trunk and limb, accompany group having wind and Sao to itch sometimes, the influence works and rest, this is the stimulation that alcohol causes and allergic phenomenon. The person that has this kind of reaction wants little drink or abstinence. Soup of usable vinegar, water chest nut or arhat fruit medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water see alcoholic drink, can take the medicaments such as vitamin B, B, C or chlorpheniramine when necessary.

Dark purple red complexion— dark purple is red because edible excessive litchi is caused,the likelihood is. Because litchi contains fructose,this is very tall, after a large number of edible, the dextrose in liver is changed enzymatic have not enough time dextrose of fructose translate into, make many fructose stockpile at blood medium and cause change of color of skin, still can create the body then unwell. Should litchi of edible of reasonable, science, right amount ground, water should be drunk more after eating litchi with accelerating fructose excrete, leaf of usable also bay or chicory root pound juice to pour water, alleviate skin dark purple is red.

Crimson color of skin— because haemal circulation is bad,crimson may be, especially end place blood stream not free, protein is digested not adequately with respect to be caused by be absorptioned. Absorb to make protein is digested adequately, want much edible a few food that contain vitamin B and vitamin C, bask more. Often bath, massage, can accelerate haemal circulation, reduce the phenomenon of skin crimson.

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