Spring eats bean curd to raise the world of cate of immune force _

Spring eats bean curd to enhance immune power

2012-02-07 12:29:58

Early spring season, climate is changeful, it is the season that a lot of old people come on as easily as dot, will enhance body strength through food very crucial, the food nature that has dietotherapy effect makes first selection. Fresh and tender and goluptious bean curd is the food that eats medicine to have both, provide the function of the many sided such as good energy of life, filling empty, often eat bean curd to be able to protect liver, increase immune power and still have alexipharmic effect.

The protein content of bean curd and bean curd goods is higher than soja, and bean curd albumen belongs to complete albumen, contain 8 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid not only, and its scale also is close to human body need, nutrient value is higher. Dietary appropriate of spring is delicate, bean curd nutrition is rich not fat be bored with, the fine of preserve one’s health that is spring is tasted.

Traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, sex of pleasant of bean curd flavour is cool, good energy of life and medium, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid alexipharmic effect, can use at the disease such as thirsty of bare eye, disappear, solve the poison of sulfureous, arrack. Modern medicine also approved the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s notion, bean curd has the effect that sees alcohol truly; Bean curd but disappear is thirsty, it is the good food of diabetic person.

Bean curd can be cut agglomerate, piece or Ding Huo is stewed or scamper. Still but make it a variety of dish type, a variety of modelling, can be a thick soup of cold meats, hot food, soup, chaffy dish. Circulate up to now have Sichuan the eastpart part ” pocket bean curd ” , be like Chinese olive, quality of a material with soup juice milky white, shape tender, flavour is delicious for characteristic; One belt is famous in Chengdu global ” hemp mother-in-law bean curd ” , provide alone hemp, hot, bright, tender, very hot 5 big characteristics, and Hubei name is fed ” pouch bean curd ” , Hangzhou name dish ” frozen bean curd of cook over a slow fire ” , without stannum ” lens bean curd ” , Yangzhou ” gallinaceous juice boils dry silk ” also be each characteristic etc. The insufficient place of bean curd is it contains soja protein lacks a kind of indispensible and amino acid — egg ammonia is acerbity. Egg kind, the flesh kind the egg ammonia acid content in protein is higher, bean curd should mix edible with this kind of food. Food wants spring delicate, should in order to boil, the method of stew is cooked.

Small stick person: Bean curd shoulds not be in vain too the facial expression that purchases bean curd itself is to take bit of small yellow slightly, if colour and lustre is too dead white, add bleacher likely, unfavorable choose and buy.

In addition, bean curd is the food with qualitative high protein, very easy addle, especially free market sells board bean curd should be added more more advertent. The box installs bean curd to need cold storage, need to have the spatial choose and buy of good refrigerating equipment so.

The bag that holds bean curd when the box contains raised, inside bean curd criterion muddy, bleb is much and big, belong to undesirable article. And the bean curd that did not pack is very easy and addle, after redemptive home, should immerse immediately Yu Shuizhong, put freezer cold storage, the reassume before cook goes out, 4 hours do not exceed after be being taken out, in order to keep fresh, had better be to be being bought edible ended that day.

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