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Pregnancy complement nutrition not ” before weighing light hind “

2016-09-29 11:32:12

Expert clew, in whole gestation, the nutrition of its later period is most important. In pregnancy hind 3 the middle of a month, as a result of fetal mushroom, the half of its weight increases in this period almost, so the bodily form from pregnant woman can see, abdominal ridgy rate is particularly rapid.

Eat acidity food more

Because acidity can stimulate hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, still can rise digest enzymatic active, the peristalsis of stimulative stomach bowel, increase appetite, can reduce pregnant woman the reaction of disgusting vomiting. Pregnant woman is pregnant 2 to 3 lunar hind, fetal skeleton begins to form, forming skeletal basis is calcic, but, want to make calcic precipitation comes down to form bone, must acidity material is participated in, reason pregnant woman eats some of acidity food to be able to help fetal skeleton grow development. Contain mostly in acidity food pregnant woman and fetal indispensable nurture is qualitative — vitamin C.

Compensatory calcium is qualitative

Medicine considers to make clear, if 3 months after pregnancy are hidebound, fetal in produce period mortality is tall, weight the light weight under 2500 grams much also, the new student inside a week after be born mortality is tall also, cerebral cell number decreases, the development of central nervous also suffers an effect. Such new student arrived before school age have 30 % intelligence about slow, memory is poor. Right now pregnant woman is like calcium to absorb inadequacy, the baby still is met rachiticly with tic of disease of low calcic blood.

Clearly, the calcium inside pregnancy is absorbed enough, oneself of tenability pregnant woman and fetal grow need. Consider to make clear, from pregnancy 7 months begin, the mother’s body and fetal begin to have calcic have in reserve in great quantities, fetal and daily make an appointment with reservior 300 milligram, pregnant woman is daily make an appointment with reservior 30 milligram. Reason is pregnant the daily intake of later period calcium should by pregnancy early medium-term 800 milligram, increase to be not gotten little at 1500 milligram.

Photograph sufficient protein

Medical expert thinks, there are two heights in process of person head development. The first height is in gravid 26 weeks; The 2nd height is close to produce period. These two the height is nerve yuan differentiation and nerve are colloid differentiation rate is the rapiddest period. Apparent these two heights are in pregnant later period, increasing nutrition right now is very necessary. Requirement quantity of heat should assure daily absorb 2500 kilocalorie, because dextrose is the main matrix of cerebral cell, also be the source of its energy; Protein is daily should assure to absorb 90 grams of 80 ~ , because its are the important part that cerebral cell organizes, the protein in fetal brain tissue occupies 46 % . Additional, adipose, iron, calcic, phosphor, zinc, iodic also cannot little.

Filling iron

Complement in pregnant later period iron is more important. Iron of pregnant later period needs a quantity to jump, because capacity of blood of the mother’s body increases gradually, especially pregnant is terminal increase 1300 milliliter about, need additional filling iron 650 milligram. At the same time fetal, placental, umbilical growth also needs iron, if fill not in time iron, increase prandial in the food with the high volume that contain iron, produce pregnant woman anaemia likely. The prophylaxis and treatment that makes anaemia of good pregnant later period is right mother child two acting average per capita are beneficial. Ought to eat the food with some of substantial amount that contain iron more right now.

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