What fruit pregnant woman should eat less, have the world of cate of what contraindication _

What fruit pregnant woman should eat less, have what contraindication

2016-10-24 11:35:21

Everybody knows pregnant woman eats bit of fruit to be mixed to pregnant woman more fetal have profit, but seeing so that understand fruit of pregnant woman draft is to have a lot of cultured, some fruits can take a place more, and some fruits should not eat as far as possible. So what does contraindication of pregnant woman fruit have?

After all pregnant woman cannot eat what fruit, it eat what fruit is good to pregnant woman body to eat what fruit, this cannot one general picture and theory, we will know nutrition of fruity of avery kind of and character, the choice can differentiate to eat it right amountly. Say strictly, pregnant woman does not have inedible fruit, have the fruit that should eat less only, have commonly:

Litchi, longan — easy cause have a bowel movement dry, can water delay decreases edible honeysuckle;

Persimmon — easy cause bezoar, can delay decreases edible yangtao;

Melon of watermelon, Bai Lan, Hami melon, peach — easy cause diarrhoea, can delay of edible potato, yam is decreased;

Pineapple honey, Durian — easy cause inappetence, can edible hawkthorn piece delay is decreased;

Fresh Yang Mei — easy cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice overmuch, can edible jujube or pear delay are decreased.

Fruit of pregnant woman draft has what contraindication:

1, avoid cuts a fruit with kitchen knife: Because kitchen knife often contacts raw meat, fish, unripe vegetable, can bring helminth or helminth egg to the fruit.

2, avoid draft fruit not gargle: Some fruits contain a variety of fermenting carbohydrate material, have to the tooth stronger caustic, edible hind if not gargle, the fruit in oral cavity is residual easy cause dental caries.

3, diet fruit is overmuch: Eat the fruit when the meal, it is unscientific actually. Although fruit nutrition is rich, but nutrition is not comprehensive, especially protein and adipose and opposite less, and these two kinds of material also are fetal grow development place cannot lack.

4, the fruit eats instantly after avoid meal: Meal hind eats a fruit instantly, can cause bilge gas and constipation. Draft fruit appropriate is in after the meal inside 2 hours or anteprandial 1 hour.

5, avoid eats too cool fruit, cannot eat the fruit that takes in Gang Congbing box especially.

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