Often take the world of cate of tall _ of intelligence quotient of child of 3 kinds of fish

Often eat intelligence quotient of child of 3 kinds of fish tall

2015-07-22 13:36:02

Guide language: Fish, it is first-rate be consideringed as by people all the time filling head feeds capable person, piscine sort has a lot of, the nutrient value of a lot of cruelly oppress is very high. A lot of parents hope his darling is clever and healthy, so might as well add the fish to darling as a child complementary feed in the center. Those who need an attention is, what kind of fish more is benefit absorbed at be the nutrition of darling needs and being digested?

Is briny fish still fresh water fish? Cruelly oppress belongs to delicate protein, easy be absorbed by human body, and the child is in growth phase, airframe is more to protein demand, suit to complement through having a fish more really. But specific good to fresh water fish, or briny fish is good, should say each have advantages and disadvantages.

The DHA(common in briny fish says ” cerebral gold ” ) content is high, to rising memory is mixed it is very important to ponder over ability, but its fat content is higher also, individual child digestive function is depauperate, cause the dyspeptic symptom such as diarrhoea easily.

Content of fat of fresh water fish oil is less, delicate protein content is higher however, digest easily absorb. Just, fresh water fish is pricked normally fine, small, hard eliminate is clean, blocking the child easily, usually, 1 year old of above just suit to eat.

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