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Nutrition of complement of 4 confinement congee is fast restore

2017-03-06 10:12:50

Besides puerpera confinement in childbirth soup chart, still have puerpera confinement in childbirth congee chart also is first-rate the puerpera is postpartum restored nutrient provision, the refreshment of benefit of confined congee chart at puerpera body, nutrient complement, still can promote generate galacticly. What congee music can confinement in childbirth have? To the puerpera of inappetence, congee is fed should digest more easily than rice absorb. So below what do we see confined congee chart have together? Common puerpera urges lacteal congee to have congee of congee of earthnut pig bone, dried congee, black sesame seed and gallinaceous juice congee.

Spend congee of live pig bone

With makings:

Rice 500 grams, pig bone 1000 grams, groundnut 150 grams, refined salt 15 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams, the plant is oily 10 grams, balm 10 grams.


1, wash Mi Tao clean.

2, pig bone is abluent knock small (go) of only character broken bits.

3, bubble of groundnut hot leach shucks cortical.

4, boil pig bone boiling water, reassume soup and rice, groundnut adds oil of right amount clear water, vegetable to boil thin congee, add refined salt, gourmet powder and sesame oil smooth can edible.

Dried congee

With makings:

Dried 30 grams, rice 100 grams.


1, rice adds water to boil congee.

2, congee is boiled to half ripe when, join abluent dried.

3, boil to rice when ripe soup is stiff can edible.

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