Color of skin of darling of impact of 4 kinds of conditions wants to bleach so take _ cate the world

Color of skin of darling of impact of 4 kinds of conditions wants to bleach so eat

2017-04-12 15:34:48

In the life, the darling with white skin appears more provoking love. So, can accurate mom let the child have Bai Xi’s skin through food when pregnancy?

One, influencing factor of the color of skin after the child is born

1. heredity is affected

Child color of skin basically suffers parental heredity to affect, if parental color of skin is blacker, so the child’s color of skin often blacker also. If there is one party in husband and wife black, have one party white, so the child’s color of skin often can be counteracted, likely also deflection some square.

2. sunshine is affected

The person’s skin gets after ultraviolet illuminate, can bring about pigment precipitation, make the skin becomes darker thereby. Some parents like to often look after children go out to bask, and did not do good prevent bask in measure, so the child is affected easily by sunshine and the skin becomes blacker, and often treat the child that did not go out in the home, the skin also is compared relatively white.

3. food is affected

Food also can be affected somewhat to skin color of the child really, make the child much eat the food that contains vitamin C, be helpful for disturbing skin melanin synthesis, make the child’s skin won’t blacken easily thereby.

4. environment is affected

The environmental color of skin that the child is born also has certain effect. Located environmental temperature is higher, the time of sunshine and strength are greater, so skin color of the child also is met opposite macula, and located surroundings is relatively shady and cool, all the year round the state of affairs with sunshine little time, so contrast of photograph of color of skin is whiter.

2, how does pregnant woman eat can make child skin whiter

Want the child to have Bai Xi’s skin, pregnant woman can undertake recuperating from dietary proceed with between pregnancy, affect action to arriving since the child’s color of skin thereby. Pregnant woman eats a few food that contain rich vitamin C more, this can have the effect of interference to the melanin synthesis on the skin, can reduce precipitation of the melanin on the skin, be helpful for child color of skin whiter.

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