The world of cate of _ of dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of old people paralytic

The dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of old people paralytic

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Breaking down is a group of gives priority to with obstacle of limb muscle activity disease that cause by all sorts of reasons group. By the head of the be caused by of disease of central nervous system such as thrombus of traumatic, cerebral haemorrhage, head break down, is  of Dan of  of the much Di that be hesitating strong does ∪ of  of Yu of feng4huang2 of Yu of gourd ladle Qian send apricot of   a short wooden stake americium Hu of caving fine of Gu Tao of fir of brandish of ⅲ of Xun Rong of  of world of grapes of ⑼ of  of be used to does  Lu suckle the  that be treated by Dong of chaste tree  relatively round  Tuan?

And periodic paralytic cause break down, expression is limb muscle cannot activity, still can accompany breath sometimes flesh is paralytic. Breaking down is the common disease of old people, the patient cannot provide for oneself on most life, anguish is compared on spirit, need to the more that gets a dear one attends and show consideration for on the life and food, at the same time because the patient is long-term lie in bed, manual activity decreases significantly, peristalsis of gastric bowel path is relatively abate, digest absorb a function to reduce, easy happening constipation, also bring a lot of new characteristics to patient food.

(one) dietary principle

1. Should eat nutrition is abounded and easily digestive food. Must satisfy the supply of protein, vitamin, inorganic salt and total heat energy.

2. Water more reach often eat a pap. The paralytic often has fear make water is much more disadvantageous and as far as possible little the psychology that water, this is adverse to the patient. The paralytic’s due and enough moisture is supplied. Drink of patient early morning 2 cups of brine can prevent 1 ~ constipation. Daily and prandial due also dry have rare, the meal has boiling water, it is advisable that You Yichang eats congee, still can eat bit of pickles to wait appropriately salty feed, so that can much drink some water. To a few person that do not wish to water, can eat a few juicily fresh melon and fruit appropriately. Anyhow, the paralytic waters more appropriately can preventing patient constipation and secrete make water is to affect sexual disease to happen.

3. Notice prandial fiber furnishs, food cannot too careful, in order to prevent costive happening.

4. Avoid strong tea, wine kind, coffee and acrimony and exciting food.

5. The basis causes the cause of disease that break down, adjust dietary appropriate avoid. Like the head apoplectic patient should control salt, cholesterol to absorb, increase the provision that contains vitamin of B a group of things with common features to abound; And periodic paralytic patient should feed the provision that contains potassium to abound to wait more.

(2) cookbook citing

Breakfast: Big jujube congee (rice is 100 grams, big jujube 20 grams)

Scramble egg (egg 50 grams)

Small pickles 10 grams

Add meat: Banana 160 grams

Lunch: Rice meal (rice 50 grams)

Shredded meat face (fine dried noodles lean lean of 50 grams, essence 20 grams)

Ground meat bean curd (bean curd is 100 grams, arrogant ground meat 20 grams)

Fry gram bud (gram bud 100 grams)

Add meat: Orange juice 200 milliliter

Dinner: Leaven dough cake (flour 50 grams)

Millet congee (millet 50 grams)

Shredded meat fries celery (celery 100 grams, pork 30 grams)

Full day cook uses oil 25 grams

Full day heat energy 7489 1000 anxious (1783 kilocalorie) the left and right sides.

(3) food chooses a point

1. High protein, tall vitamin and proper heat energy, cellulose is prandial.

2. Shang Cai, congee kind, the food with the fast water content such as fruit juice, answer to be absorbed appropriately.

3. Take care of dietary habit of the patient.

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