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Delicate soup of chop of old lotus root: Cool blood of clear hot reduce internal heat is recommended

2012-02-07 14:25:30

Delicate soup of chop of old lotus root: Cool blood of clear hot reduce internal heat is recommended

When appearing on the market to wintry lotus root again, soup of a bowl of reeky, appetizing chop of old lotus root, it is the type of dish of the daily life of a family that men and women favors, also be many restaurant menu those who go up is necessary. But a lot of people may not know, “Treasure of a suit of lotus of carry on one’s shoulder, wintry lotus root most filling person ” , lotus root is the best beautiful that raise shade is tasted one of.

Recently, column of hall of preserve one’s health of channel of science and education of Beijing TV station made the item of first phase lotus root, what the expert introduced to take lotus root in detail is exquisite. It is the chop that stew, stew, perhaps mixing eat, frying eat. If the child does not love to eat, we can change be out of shape, e.g. lotus root of polished glutinous rice of southern well known. good bubble of polished glutinous rice later, hold this eye within, next one evaporate, the feeling is very delicious. The meat stuffing on fill also all the same very good, had secured one evaporate, when be being cut, go doing to dot, change a look kids love to eat very much, and flavour is very good also, still can stomachic.

Eat raw extract juice: Clear hot reduce internal heat cool blood is told from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine commonly, autumn winter season should want to fill, and those who pay attention to is filling shade. Lotus root inside for nothing, because white person enter lung, the phenomenon of dry of heat of occurrence lung of general in the winter metropolis, lung, so we take a bit lotus root in the winter, it has the effect that raises shade and moisten the respiratory tract.

This lotus root, although eat raw ripe it is OK to eat, but eat raw and ripe eating effect is completely different, there is adverse change on its sexual flavour especially. Want to develop taste of lotus root sex cold cool action, must eat raw. So, if your get angry, want reduce internal heat, it is OK to use unripe lotus root. Resemble a few young girls, one is long whelk, one is oily skin, risk oil all over the face, besides with suitable cosmetic beyond, recommend on food take bit of unripe lotus root, the juice that extracts with bright lotus root is particularly good drink.

In addition, unripe lotus root still has clear heat to stop the action with thirsty, cool hemostatic blood. If you feel,nose, mouth pants one piece this special heat, feel to want suffer from excessive internal heat, this kind of deficiency of yin with irritability is born inside hot phenomenon, can take lotus root of cold and dressed with sause, also can extract Cheng Ouzhi. Stew is ripe eat: Raise a stomach be good at lienal if if want to let lotus root have,raise a stomach,increase appetite be good at lienal this kind of action, must ripe eat, ripe eat not cool, and become filled.

The child does not love to eat carrot, also can cut carrot into, such a place of strategic importance are in the eye of lotus root within. Next it is OK that evaporate is stewed, cut, every within red dot, with small floral, the child is looked at eat with respect to love. Additional, carrot slants hot, lotus root slants a bit cooler, so so after evaporate became ripe, good-looking balance again. When stewing lotus root, notice even, must stew red, also become special on mouthfeel soft, the choose and buy hints this moment is best, be good at lienal action is the strongest. Calm the nerves cookbook: I know congee of millet of lotus root fourth potato can a lot of common people boil congee via commonly used lotus root, I want to suggest to everybody one calms the nerves happy congee — , congee of millet of lotus root fourth potato.

These 3 kinds of food match together, have complementary effect, to raising Morpheus quality is mixed adjust the mood is very helpful. Their single action is not particularly good, and when closing together, action developed acme. Another, want a cold a bit when you namely, for instance voice began to ache a bit, perhaps feel a body to go up particularly uncomfortable, also say not to come out, always feel I am about sick, appear this kind of phenomenon when, you use a bit potato, with a bit lotus root, with a bit millet, boil congee to drink.

Both ends blocks the ability that go up up to buy this congee to be able to prevent a cold, because potassium is contained in potato,be more, the first body immunity power that can enhance us, additionally more important is the mood that it improved you, when you improved the mood, the loop inside body, metabolization, the metropolis is different. Become you so when body humor is good, immune force should be best, can resist naturally the descent of virus.

The person with a bit older age knows, on the choice of this lotus root, must choosing both ends is to block up go up. It is good in the supermarket to the sort of cutting, look be like very clean, but had better not buy. Because this lotus root is long in mud, it wants gouge to come, mud is very dirty, enter this within an eye of an eye, you are washed very hard clean. So, it is good to must buy both ends to block the ability that go up up.

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