What inspection should make when is menstruation deferred?

One, basic examination

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1. Ovarian function checks vagina of ② of; of vivid check of the film inside ① uterusFall off cellular examinationNeck of; ③ palace is mucous and crystal check;

Lower part of ④ serum E(2) , P determines temperature of; ⑤ foundation determines.

2. Hypophysis function is checked

(1) determines directly level of hematic LH, FSH and PRL level: If FSH>40IU/L hints ovarian function fails,; hints like PRL>25ug/L tallUrge lacteal whiteHematic disease, if LH and FSH are in normal or low cost, need to make hypophysis excitement experiment further.

(2) hypophysis excitement experiments: If inject LHRH15-45 minute the LH that release relatively 3 times above increases before inject, show pituitary body external response of source sex LHRH is favorable, criterionAmenorrhoeaThe reason is head issueing grave. If is value of the LH after inject had,lift or is experiment of excitement of unidentified indication hypophysis heighten (? ? ) , explain pathological changes place is in hypophysis. 3. Understanding of examination of butterfly saddle CT has withoutHypophysis adenoma.

4. ChromosomeDevelopment of examination except sex is unusual.

5.B exceeds an examination understanding is ovarian have change without much bursa sex.

2, further examination

1. Celiac lensThe examination knows sexual gland position, have without development undesirable, Much bursa is ovarian, Ovarian premature senilityWait for a change.


2. Magnetism resonance examination deletes hypophysis small adenoma.

If discoverAmenorrhoea, should go in timeHospitalFind out the pathogeny, to disease cure. If do not clutch,treat, amenorrhoea time is longer, uterus and ovarian must jump over with respect to meeting atrophy fierce, remedial effect is poorer also.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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