'Lord's Prayer' Tornado Video By Anthony Khoury Captures Awesome Power Of Storm

September 11, 2018 1 0Comments

If most people saw an enormous tornado passing terrifyingly close to their house, they would夜店夜场

probably run for cover.

However, Anthony Khoury watched steadfastly from his window as he calmly recited “The Lord’s Prayer,” “Hail Mary,” and “Glory Be,” while videotaping the massive storm that hit his neighborhood in Washington, Ill. The resulting video, submitted to CNN iReport, is a powerful demonstration of faith in the face of danger.

“I come from a very devout Catholic Christian family, and we trust in God that he protects us, and he always gives us strength and courage to help us endure all sorts of sufferings and threats,” 21-year-old Khoury told CNN.

He talked about the sudden storm to the Weath南京夜生活网

er Center, saying, “It was so unexpected to see that coming. I heard the sirens come on, and I thought it was just going to be a small storm, then all I see is a massive black tornado. My mother, my father, and I, we all panicked, we all ran downstairs and started praying.”

Amazingly, the storm that devastated his neighborhood a mere two streets away didn’t damage Khoury’s house. “It was my street, and the street next to us were the only ones in the neighborhood that weren’t hit by the tornado,” he told CNN.

“We believed that God would keep us safe,” Khoury said.

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